Reverse no worky


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I have a 2003 EZ Go PDS cart that i got a week ago. It has the speed chip in it. I have used it off and on for the past week. This weekend, the reverse quit working. I lifted the seat and pushed the accelerator and I could hear electricity whining so I think it is getting juice. Forward still works like a bat out of hell. Any suggestions?



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check the wires and connections. pay close attention to the small 10ga wires on top of the controller. sometimes they come loose. you can take a pair of needlenose plires and crimp them on the post if they are lose


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okay. I checked all the wires and connections and found nothing loose. The one thing that I did notice, is that on the backside of the f-n-r switch, there is an extra green wire that is not attached to anything, nor is there a place for it....

I also found that if I put it in reverse and shove the cart backwards it will sometimes pick up and go in reverse but for a short time only....

Any clues.....


Put it in diagnostic mode and see if you get any codes. There should be instructions on the controller cover, if not you can find them in the EZGO resource forum. Once you have the cart in diagnostic mode drive it and keep trying reverse. You should get a code within a couple minutes.

You said you hear a "whining" when you try to move the cart in reverse. Is the noise coming from the controller?

Here's a link to diagnostic mode instructions.
EZGO Golf Cart PDS Chip Settings and Diagnostic Fault Codes


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ok, well, I did not try to hook up my reverse buzzer. I decided to spend 25 bucks on a new forward reverse switch and try it....and it worked...

Thanks for all the help, but it ended up being a simple fix and making me look like an idiot