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i have a 89 g2 i recently bored the motor rejetted k&n air filter plowmans performance clutch and exaust new valves ported and polished and cc the head on the original motor runs very strong 6inch lift 22" tires ect. my question is this at higher rpms the ignition cuts out , ihave verified this with a timing light i dont mean it starts to miss it shuts down the spark, the motor is still pulling hard it hits same rpm and shuts down until rpms go down a little then come back to life is there any way to by pass this ???? or can you get a diff. igniter with a higher limit?


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Along this same line. I have a 2003 G22 gas cart. I have adjusted the throttle but don't know how to get around the rev limiter. Got any thoughts??

Secondly, what other things can I do to gain some speed out of this thing? It runs reasonably well, I hold the campground drag race championship, but I want to step this up to the next level.

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Have you adjusted the governor or just the throttle cable?

On top of your transmission is your governor, there is a threaded brass adjuster screw at the end of it is a nut. Tighten the nut in on the adjuster screw.


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You also have 2 more options on the gov. to really go fast pull the gov. bracket off the shaft theres a little screw at the bottom of the braket loosen it up then the bracket will slide off. Once you have the bracket off you will notice that the top hole in the bracket is shaped like a D take a drill bit and drill this hole out until it is round side it back on tighten every thing and u are ready to go. This allows the shaft to spin in the bracket so you have no gov. at all.
Another option is get a heavier gov. spring yamaha offers this. They normally sell this with a high speed gear set but if you use it with the stock gears it allows you to turn alot more rpm this is what i have done. I have an 07 yamaha drive with plowmans clutch kit and belt which was just released i have a super low end i never run out of power i also run 38 mph on top end.
Another option that works on a g1 through g22 (not on the drive) is to slide the gas pedel off the shaft and rotate it back one spline this pulls harder on the cable keeping the gov. from work very well alowing you to go faster. HOPE THIS HELPS.


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To eliminate the G2 rev limiter you have to upgrade to a G9 TCI.
This is what I’ve been looking for and sorry to revive a really old thread BUT how do you make this upgrade? Yes I’m very new to the forum just a few days here