Restoring Lawn Tractor

club car man

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Well we're restoring this lawn tractor for our camper.
When we got it:


I had a pic of it all torn down and on jackstands but it wouldn't upload

Back Primered:

Hood Primered:

These tractors are GREAT. Theres no belts on them, its all shaft driven. The only belt on it is the one that runs the mower blades. THe deck is ran by a shaft. It's pretty cool.


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So, maybe a 6 inch lift and some SWAMPERS?

No roof, so forget the DVD drop-down screen.

Never mind, looks like your just paintin' an old lawn mower.

club car man

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Thanks. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen though. It's a Hydro, but it has a 1st gear and a 2nd gear with a Hi and Low.


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That gearing is very common in the older lawn tractors. Trust me. My stepfather owns a small engine repair shop. How do you think I got my 16 rebuilt and goodies for free!!!

club car man

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Almost as bad as a Yamaha :eek: Well we got some stuff for the engine today and it runs GREAT. Now all we need to do is paint it and it's good togo. I'll post pics.

club car man

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Well, we got back to workin on it today and got most of it painted. Sorry, the pics aren't the best. I took them when my mom was in my dad's driveway to pick me up so I was in a hurry.