Restoring a Harley Davidson Golf Cart


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We are painting and restoring a vintage Harley Davidson golf cart. We took off the trim on the dash edge of the front of the cart. The trim is all broken from disassembly. Does anyone know where I can find this trim ? The trim grabs onto staples folded over on the edge of the fiberglass.


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Try an automotive upholstery/trim shop. I have a place where I live called Baker's Auto Trim that carries two different widths. Just cut it to length and it slips over the edge of the fiberglass.


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i got mine at a Case tractor dealer, its used on the edging in the cabs. not cheap! but looks and works like the factory stuff.


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If you want to go chrome then you can buy automotive door edging at any auto parts store however you will need to fill the factory staple holes with Bondo because the trim isn't wide enough to cover the holes.

Vintage golf cart parts has all new original Harley Davidson golf cart mats and trim. They have all new original stickers and emblems.

Hope this helps. If you need any other links I think I've found them all now.