Restored Harley Davidson Golf Cart Loud Muffler


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I all, I have a 1975 Harley Davidson golf cart that I restored and then put 2009 Harley duel 1800cc mufflers on. It is to loud and I'm afraid that when I go to a music festival and drag in at 4 in the morning that I will wake up every one in the camp.
I added 2- 2 1/4 outlets to the stock muffler and then took a short ride up the street. It got so hot it started to warp the stock muffler. I think I need to take out the baffles in the stock muffler but I'm not sure that will correct the problem.

Any suggestions? I'm not sure where to go from here.

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So are you back to the stock muffler or the dual 1800 mufflers? The stock muffler is about as quiet are you're going to get it and still run good.


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Right now I'm running the 09 Harley duel mufflers. After trying the stock muffler in conjunction with the duel Harley mufflers and having the stock muffler actually warp I decided there was to much back pressure causing excessive heat. If I cut the end of the stock muffler out remove the baffles would there still be to much back pressure? I love the sound of the 09 duel mufflers so I'm trying the find the balance between the two. My thought is that if all I run the stock muffler shell it would decrease the back pressure to a level that would be close the the same with the duel 09 mufflers together and still give the throaty sound but much quieter.
What do you think?