resistor which way does it go


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having a problem with my 98 txt ezgo have forward no reverse my resistor thevone that looks like a computer board burned up. i purchased a new one install it the way i remember but not sure i have forward take a second to get it but i do have it. but no reverse. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The gray band/stripe on the diode(s) aim at the small red wires on the solenoid. If the resistor board on the solenoid was getting hot there's a good chance your controller is bad.
There's a DCS wiring diagram in the EZGO resource forum for that cart if you need it.


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thank you sir, the truth always comes out. i know some times i ask simply question but this is what happened. my kids cost me money. i found the resistor burned up. on my kids cart. when i installed the new one, i had forward but no reverse. i've been switching thing around thinking i was wrong, only to find out they were towing a cart and had 5 kids hanging off their cart.... you confirmed it to be a bad controller, and i thank you for that. i stand alone up here so having you and cartaholic helps so much. i thought i was going nuts. not cart for these kids untill they come up with controller $