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sooooooo im back!!! thanks for all the help with my 96 ezgo txt series.....IT RUNS GREAT!!!!!!!! BUT!! i got this new project i need help with... i believe its a Harley Davidson resistor type cart... in forward, when i begin to press the accelerator the "on solenoid" clicks on. as i go further with the peddle the other solenoids start to click faster and faster till its WOT, but will not turn the reverse it works in all 4 speeds...could it be a faulty wire somewhere or is there a way to test the motor in both directions? please help!! is it possible to work in one direction and not the other???

36v, with 5 solenoids behind the batteries...resistor coil over 4 solenoids and 4 leads comming off the motor also has the manual lever F/R switch


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It's rare that the motor only works in 1 direction.
Series motors change direction by reversing the polarity of the motor.
The solenoids just ramp up the speed regardless of direction.
In your case I would look at the F-N-R switch for a bad connection or bad cable.

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New Member i checked it out and what i found was

1. bad wire connecting battery pack to F-N-R.
2. bad battery pack.

so i ran some jumpers from my ezgo to the other cart and every thing seems to be fine. gonna put some batteries in it tomorrow night and will post anything else i might have wrong....

ALSO!! not sure if i have sold y'all this, but i actually put 3 12v deep cycle marine batteries in my ezgo and made a platform where the other 3 batteries would have been and installed the charger there..... i also installed two GM ciggerett lighters below the seat that doubbles as cell phone chargers or whatever else (GPS)!!!!! not only did i save a lot of weight but now able to have the charger integrated under the seat. i have not had any run time issues at all....THANKS GUYS!!!