Resistor cart, best option for more speed?


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I've got an older marathon resistor cart, and I'd like to get some more speed out of it.

I'm wondering if I put a new controller in and get rid of the resistor pack will I get better performance? And I'm trying to understand how that would happen, since when I'm at full speed the battery is basically directly connected to the motor anyways.

can somebody help explain?

not looking to dump a ton of cash into the old beast but $400-$500 to get a few extra mph would be nice for running around my neighborhood.

I've already upgraded all the cables to 4ga...



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You could put larger tires on it (max 20" without lifting) or have the motor rewound and pick up some more speed.
A rewind should be in the $225-$275 range.
20" tires for an 8" wheel are in the $60 range.