Replacing Wheel Bearings on my Club Car


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Can anyone tell me what else I'm missing here, (if anything) for replacing both front right wheel bearings on my Club Car golf cart? So as far as i can see, my right inner bearing was chewed up like a dogs play toy. :wallbash:

I'm going to replace the inner & outer bearing abdinner oil seal. So as far as i can see that would be it right? But on the Club Car parts site, they show another race....i think ?

A pic of the assembly would be awesome I can't seeem to find one.

Thanx Guyz !


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The race is the tapered steel insert in the wheel hub, it's the piece that the bearing rides in. As long as the race isn't chewed up, you will be okay. :thumbsup:


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Thanks guys I found one finally, complete hub assembly with bearings and inner seal etc. $50.00. OEM Club Car and delivered.

The inner race was pitted and ugly, so gunna just replace the whole deal. The inner seal was the culpret. it had a small hole in it allowing sand & water in there. The left side is cherry, musta been replaced already.