Replacing battery cables with 4 guage


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Over the years I have not kept up with the battery bolt down hardware and with the purchase of my new 4g cables I woulod like to go back tith the right HW. Does any one know what the right set of washers, nuts (number and size) I need to connect the cables with the battery?

Like from bottom to top.......
5/16 round washer
battery cable
5/16 round washer
(Other connectors)
5/16 lock washer
5/16 nut


No washers just a 5/16 stainless nut. If you can find 5/16 stainless nuts that take a 9/16 wrench thats even better.


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Washers just add surface layers for corrosion to build on. The terminal post has a large flat shoulder to tighten against.


9/16 wrench size SS nuts are the way to go, They come from club car with the 1/2 size nuts. My local dealer clued me in on to the better ones.

gator 69

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Lowes has them 5/16 heavy hex ss nuts.= 9/16 wrench