Replacement Electric Motors ?


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found a website that seemed to be promoting "Plum" colored golf car products and a replacement motor that provided many desirable qualities.

the website seem quite comprehensive and loaded with testimonials and good information. However I did not find any info on the actual products they sell, nor the prices.

is this a company that only custom builds things per order?

Where should one look for this?


You have to call them to order. Click the link below to go to their website. On the left is a row of links. 2nd link is products, 3rd link is prices...
Their's not a whole lot of reviews on their products on any forums other than their own. They deal with Club Car stuff for the most part...

Plum Quick


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I'm having them redo the motor out of my series 36v ezgo. I'll get it back soon and I will post how I like it. I live in Virginia but I also own a house in South Carolina about an hour from their shop so I dropped it off Sat.