Replaced Micro Switch and Have Full Speed in Reverse


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Our 2000 Club Car, 48 volt golf cart had lost reverse so replaced outside (three wire) microswitch. Got reverse back, but now it has the same "full power" as forward instead of reduced power as it did before. Should I just assume the microswitch is whacked? Thanks


The limit switch terminals are COM- NO - NC from top to bottom. With the batteries disconnected and the switch not depressed the continuity readings should be COM - NC = Zero , COM - NO = Infinity and visa-versa with the switch depressed.
Disconnect the 3 pin plug that connects the multi step potentiometer to the wiring harness. Disconnect the black wire from the aforementioned switch.(middle wire) The resistance in the wire from the plug (black wire) to the end disconnected from the switch should be 5100 ohms
+- 10%. That resistance gives you the half speed. :hattip: