Replaced Batteries In My Star Cart and It Doesn't Run


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I have owned this 2007 Star Cart for a little over a year now and have loved it. The batteries died on the golf course and thought they (4years old) needed replaced. Replaced them with new batteries, hooked them up and nothing happened when I turned the key. The cart does nothing now and will not move or doesn't run. I know nothing about this stuff, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Not sure I will understand what you are telling me, but still open to suggestions. I don't know anyone that works on these things.
Ohio23 if it was still running (but just for a shorter time) with the old batteries I bet you just have something connected wrong or not connected.

You need a $12 VOM (volt meter) from Wal-Mart automotive or some other source. See what your voltage is across the battery cables leaving the battery bank for starters. That will tell you if you have any battery(s) reversed in the bank and that all are fully charged. Make sure all wires/cables are connected as before the battery replacement occurred.

If you have lights/horn/etc do they work?


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If the cart just quit on the golf course there's a good chance something else caused it. Batteries will usually show signs of going bad long before the cart quits running.


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There were signs that the batteries were going and I took one in to have tested before I bought new ones and they said they were dead. The horn/lights are not working either. I feel like its possible i didnt do something right when putting the batteries back in, but figured I had it right. I didn't realize getting something reversed was a possibility. I will try the volt meter. Thanks
Someone suggested there is something under the pedal that might have went bad? Any idea what that is and if that might be the problem?