replaced batteries but still not right


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I bought the golf cart 2 years ago and everything worked great. A few months ago the batteries didnt last very long anymore. I did a full charge and tested the batteries. This is a 48V golf car and 3 of the batteries that were newer were reading 9.7 and the other 3 were reading 9. From what I read if the difference is greater than 0.5 V or any batteries are below 9.3V then they are bad.
I went and got 3 new Trojan batteries to replace the bad ones. Got everything installed again and fully charged but now I seem to get weird readings. After a full charge I am now seeing 8.3V on the 3 older trojan batteries and 8.9V on the brand new trojan batteries. It is the same multimeter set to 200V that I am using to test this with. What could be the cause. It is below 0 today , but surely the weather cannot make such a big difference. I went and took it for a drive and it seems to be loosing charge very quickly and seems slower than usual .

This is a yamaha G22 . I did a test across all the battery packs and measured 51.1V. Does this tell me the batteries are all good ?
Is there a very noticeable power loss due to the cold weather ??


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It probably is the weather. I had a 48v Club Car in MI. and it was a slug in really cold weather.