repair ezgo chargers


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You read alot about the power wise charger not turing on... Just a few things that I have found that will or will not help you... Depending on you knowledge of chargers . Lets start out side of the unit..

#1 your battery pack must make a compleat criute...If you have a broken or loose cable or a battery that is so dead. this will keep your pack from compleating a full criute..

#2 Like rod has stated the charger must at least see 28 volts before it wll trun on.

Now one of the first things on the inside to go out is the 50 amp fuse... The stock fuse gets hard brittle & breaks... You can send off for a new fuse or you can do like I did.... I took a 50 amp car fues.. Hey dont laugh it works.. Drilled 2 holes in it so I could place it back in line.

Then I taped it up real good & tucked it out of the way . Now these chargers came right off of the golf corse & are beet up pretty good.... But there is not a lot to go wrong with them. Mostly the fuse are maybe a realy... If you can pick them up cheep they are worth taking a chance on fixing them up... I have 3 power wies chargers... they all needed some work on them so I just made a day of it.... One had a bad fuse & the other needed new cbles & ends on them...

The first I do is pop the cord holder out...And take the out side cover off... Now dont get carried away with taking out all the screws..The ones you want are at the bottom of each side.. the back side has two also down at the bottom...

The new cable comes with 3 wires ...White Black Blue.. But the wires back like you found them.. Now I dont gat cought up in the stock wireing. I just use the white wire which is + & black is -.. I tie the blue wire out of the way... the white wire or the + wire goes to the fuse... the black or the - wire goes the not sure what you call it but bolt it to the white wire come off of the magnet...

But the lid back on & you should be good to go... Remember none of this is rocket science .. So just tear into to it take lots of pic'c & we can all can fix anything on our carts


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Nice GB, knowing stuff like this can save fellas from
and save some money by doin' it himself.



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Hi' great info.
I just picked up 2 chargers that has the cart plug in end removed. was going to check them out tommorow. this will help. o.c.f.