Removing EZGO Clutch and Flywheel


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How the hell do I go about removing the flywheel and clutch on my 1991 EZGO 244cc robin engine? :wallbash: I have the engine pulled out of the golf cart for new seals, and im stuck on the clutch and flywheel. I got the flywheel nut off easily... How do I get the rest off and how do I remove the clutch?


You need a special puller. Just take the engine to a ezgo dealer and ask them to remove it. Otherwise you have to purchase a puller.


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so by the looks of the clutch puller, i could find a hardened steel bar that will fit inside of that end of the crank and press the clutch off using the stock bolt? it would have to be the right size bar though.


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your bolt threads into the crank and the puller needs to thread into the clutch and push on the end of the crank to pop it off.