Removed Diode for Solenoid Now Cart Won't Run

bird dog

New Member
I have a 2003 Club Car 36 volt removed diode. Was working fine before I took it off to check another cart I have a 9936-=98224,to see if I could get it working no good now, but back on the 2003 now nothing works. Is there a fuse I don't know about or what did mess up, no fwd or rev?


Cartaholic - V.I.P. Sponsor
Unless you have a controller On your 36 V cart You don't need a diode.
And also? when you put it back you put it backwards you certainly blew something.

Mark Mic

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Put mine on backwards when I was first rebuilding mine. It let enough amperage to flow back to the solenoid to blow the solenoid.