Remove Front Tire On a Harley Davidson 3 Wheel Golf Cart


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I have a 3 wheel Harley Davidson golf cart and need to remove the front tire and wheel but can not figure out how to do it. What does the lug nuts do? I removed a pin and thought the axle would slide out does it screw out or what?


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I have unscrewed it as far as I can. On the left side the hole held no pin, and maybe that’s not where it slides off but I can’t get it to go any farther. I feel like there is a pin I am not seeing.


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It will help if you get the front wheel off the ground to take the weight off. Certain years of Harley 3 wheel golf carts had a stud with a nut on the bottom of the passenger side fork. It yours has the nut loosen it up. Looking at your pictures I don't see the stud but check to see if it's there.


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Yep, the fork in that picture is before the pin bolt version. pin bolt style was split and drilled on the bottom of the right leg.