ReGen Braking Switch


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I have a 2002 Club Car 48V ReGen Cart. I have a VERY steep incline from my home to the lake, which is the primary use of my cart (boring). What is not boring is going down the cart path. I have added disk brakes to the front and everything is fine as long as the ReGen braking is working. I know and use the procedure to activate the ReGen braking, but the problem is -- if I screw up, or if someone not as familiar tries to take the cart down the path, and the ReGen is not on, it gets really hairy.

My question is this: Is there any way to 'jump' the solenoid that kicks the ReGen in and out, and go through a switch. I want to be able to keep the motor engaged, without regard to accelerator or brake by throwing the switch before going down the cart path. For coming back up the cart path (which is no problem at all) or for normal semi flat land use, I would just engage or disengage the switch and return the solenoid to normal operation.

This has to be a problem for lots of cart folks, especially around lakes and mountains. I would think this information, and/or a little wiring kit, could be sold as an "Extreme Incline System" to insure the ReGen assists braking on inclines when needed.

I would buy one, or I would take your advice on how to 'do it yourself' if that's what is available. Please give this some thought and pass it around to your contacts to see if we can come up with a solution -- HELP