Refurbished E-Z-GO SS Hubcaps


So, we got a crapload of those new SS hubcaps from E-Z-GO. Were having a hard time keeping them around. On one of the used cars that I refurbished I had some fun with the tire/wheel combination. I thought the pinstriping was cool, but I didn't get any pics of that really. I just loved how the tire/wheel combo turned out.

Here are two others that are also sold (oh the above car sold before I was even done with it LOL). The one on the left is an 02 that I rebodied with a light almond pearl body. The white one is one I put some custom stripes on:

I think it is pretty cool. The Z style that I put on the car below has become really popular around here. I have 3 customers lined up to redo theirs in this style. I rebodied a hunter green car and put on this style of stripes, I'll get some pics of that car when I am almost done with it. Do you guys like this style? Your opinions mean more to me than most others since I know you guys are great critics for all models of golf cars... so let me know what you think of all of the cars.


Well my cart only has 4 lug nuts. Do you have to replace the hubs and spindles to put these 5 lug hub caps on? Also are they available for a 12" wheel?


Ace, those hubcaps are on a 4 lug wheel. They fit any 8in rim on any model of golf car. The one thing the stock cars all have in common is the wheels... same factory, same dimensions, just a different brand of car. Their only availible in 8 inch. They are a deep hubcap, so they fit tight... their not commin off unless you are sure you really want them off LOL. They are very sturdy, the chrome is cleared so they will last even longer than the common turbins you see.

I think I'll try and remember to just go ahead and take pics of that green one tommorrow. Its probably my favorite pinstripe combo of any that I've done before.