Reed Switch

Ricky Booksh

New Member
I Replaced A Controler On My Cart This Week. I Found The Reed Switch To Be Bad I Checked At The Local EZGO Dealer He Wanted 138.00 For A Replacement. I Looked On Line And Found For About 35.00 . I Have Jumped It For Now. I Would Like To Now If The Is Some Type Of Replacement I Can Put To Protect This ? What Makes This Fuse So Special? Any Help om This Subject Would Be Appriciated Ricky Booksh


The reed switch works with the magnet that's in the charger plug. Its a safety feature that keeps the cart from running if the charger is plugged in. As long as you don't forget and drive away with the charger plugged in it's fine to leave it by-passed. I'd stay away from the dealer that wants $138.00 for a reed switch. $35 is decent price for a new reed switch.