rebuilding a g1 gas


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have a 84 gi gas cart..thinking it needs when i went looked at it to buy[trade for] but had to have choke part way out..2 months later when i went back and got it wouldn't start at all[cranks but won't start]thinking since i already have cart apart to chop top/make some mods to body and paint then this would be good time to freshing up to carts.never even drove one till got this one and haven't drove it yet;;
to do a rebuild what should i do?like to get more performance from it since already rebuilding.don't want to go to changing engine..just get most out of what i have now but do have a budget to stick what do i need and cost roughly to do a rebuild and hop-up at same time???

my thoughts are;;;bore cly to max with new piston and rings;;[what is save bore?]
do something to heads[shave and what ever else if anything[how much to shave off and over work]c
bigger carb[what can i use as a donor carb without major modifications]
exhaust;;maybe a hp muffle off some kind of 4 wheeler or motorcycle[stay under body if possible]
anything else maybe..
do i just need to do upper end and replace the 2 seals[behind clutch and fan]

what cost range would i be into it?whant to do ASAP