Rebuilding 295cc to get more HP


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I have a 2001 EZGO offroad cart with a 295cc engine. The engine needs some work, burns oil, and I want more horsepower. Can I machine the cylinders out .50 and mill the head and get 11hp or more, OR is there something else I need to do? I will break the engine down and take it to a machine shop. I will take the crank and cam with me so they can give me their opinion on their condition. A number of sites have oversized pistons and rebuild kits. Is there one that excells over another?

Thanks for all the great info on here.


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Rebuilding a 295 is like pouring sand down a rat-hole. If you want to bore it out you can find stainless steel sleeves averywhere. You would probably be better served to go to a rebuilt 351 or even a v-twin. The cost would not be that much more and you would have a much better engine combo - Something to think about