Rebuiding an Old EZGO Golf Cart Need a Wiring Diagram


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Hi all, I recently picked up an old EZGO Golf Cart that I'm going to be rebuilding. The numbers on it are: 669081 and A0892. Can anyone tell me anything about it and which wiring diagram I need to get for this model golf cart? Thanks a bunch!!!!


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Thanks guys! How do I tell if it's solid state? It this thing hard to get parts for. The previous owner said it started just going forard and then later not at all./ there has been a lot of stuff(roof lights, etc.) added by someone who didn't care how the wiring went. I want to get it back to the origiginal wiring and build up from there.


If it's a controller cart it will have a controller mounted in the center behind the batteries. If it's a resistor cart it will have wire coils mounted in the center behind the batteries.

From what you describe I'd check the forward and reverse switch first. Look for loose cables and signs oh heat on the switch

All the parts are still available except body and trim parts. You can still find body and trim parts but they're getting scarce...