rearend lube


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I'm restoring a 1989 EZ-GO electric cart which I plan to donate to a classic car museum for use in their new facility. Can anyone advise on the type of lube to put in the rearend? And do you fill it to where it runs out of the filler plug? I've tried searching this site, and looking for this info in manuals but no luck.

So far I'm out less than $200 including purchase, new brakes, wheel bearing, battery cables, and throttle contacts. I hope to get new batteries donated by a museum sponsor.

This cart has the second solenoid added, which I have been told is not such a good thing. Can anyone elaborate on its function and advantages/disadvantages?

I have already picked up a lot of good info by searching this site.


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if the second solinoid is set up like a turbo button it will burn up the controller. I would discontect it. as far as rear end....yes just put rear end fluid in till it runs out and plug it up.