Rear lift


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I have an 04 PDS electric. I want to lift the rear about 2". Wanting to know the cheapest way to do this. I was thinking shackles or something. I would appreciate any help on this subject , and where I could get them. Thanks.


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You wouldn't know what size I would need to get, or where to get them would you? Do you know what the stock size is ? Thanks.


I make my own. Just make them 2" longer than the stock spindles and drill the holes 2" farther apart center to center.


Ive made a few sets to make room for 20 inch tires that were rubbing on the rear of carts. I bought a strip of steel 1.5 inch wide and 3/16ths thick four strips that were 2 inches longer or more/less depending on how much lift I needed. Tacked them together and drilled the holes thru all four at once on a drill press. You can make them if you have a hacksaw and a hand drill. You can buy the steel at a hardware store.