Rear End Oil


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What is the oil that is used in the rear end on these carts. Is is a 90wt gear oil or do you just use 30wt oil in them? If anyone knows please let me know.


Yepp-O, 90wt for the 2 cycles, and 30wt for the 4 cycles..... just remember to pick up gear oil, and not 100wt ashless disspersant Av oil (aviation) LOL... I'll never forget adding in some then looking at the wings on the bottle and saying to myself........ self, that isn't good. Stupid me, I had just finished flying and was helping the airport out by working on their golf car... long story short... I just KNEW I had some 90 wt in my flight bag.... problem was it was 100wt av oil LMAO.... doh


P.S I was planning on working on that car after I flew, and I forgot to grab the 90wt gear oil.... thats why I was sure I had some in my bag... but I didn't realize I never stoped and got it