Rear end exchange?


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Well more problems with the cart. This time I broke something in the rear end. The cart made a loud bang and stopped moving. you can hear it grinding in the rear end but will not move. I jacked it up took off the pan cover and have not found anything in the oil nor does anything look broke. But with the cart on jacks it will turn the wheel but you can grab the tire and you can stop the tire with your hands. Now my question is can you mount a club car rear end to a EZ-Go. I can get ahold of one for free, or if someone has any ideal what may of happen I would sure be gratefull.


More that likely spun a hub. You can either pull the drums and have a look or remove the dust caps and with the cart sitting on the ground look at the axle(s) and see if it's turning when you try to move the cart.


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Yes you can install a cc rear end in a ez go. I have done this several times. Your ez go motor will not fit it so you will need a cc motor. Make sure motor will work with you controller ect. I have only done this with series carts.


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just my
check the hub again


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Sorry it took long to reply I have been busy replacing the driver side hub (and brakes). I had no ideal that the non driving wheel would matter. Thanks for helping.