rear bumper build


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heres some pics of the new rear bumper i built today from solid 1 inch round bar aluminum..
then made a small angle frame for the cartaholic sticker to fit in the bumper(to much time on my hands)

now the fun part is next as im not good at polishing stuff but want to get it polished to a chrome finish
then powder coat clear over it to make it last a while..john






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Looking good.Great job on the fab work.Like the Cartaholics sticker placement.
Should be super strong made out of solid bar.


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trying to decide on building my front bumper or just buying one like your p.d
sure is a lot less work buying it..will be getting a wireing harness and front lights this week so i
have to wait to make sure the bumper clears the lights if i build collum cover and steering
wheel on the way too..hopeing to tag it next week,john

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What kind of lights are you getting?The in body lights on Casper were not any good after lifting the cart the last time,shined everywhere but where they are needed.they don't have any adjustment mounted like they were.Mounted a pair of mini lights on the axle to get the light where it needed to be.
I believe you are a full blown Cartaholic keep up the good work.


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yes they are the in the body headlights..there supossed to be up and down adjustable,,i hope so..
i have really screwed up ordering things lately..i ordered the headlight switch,chrome turn signal
and stainlees collum cover and a sterring wheel..then ended up ordering a complete front and rear
light kit with the complete wireing harness,turn signal box,switches, and brake and parking light switches also.
i got rear light from hrc a month or so ago also..
i should have just ordered the kit the first time instead of waisting a 150 bucks or so in the long run..

on the bright side i guess i will have a lot of extra parts for cart i will be getting for my daughter soon,john

if the lights suck i will get some on the baja bar i plan on makeing for the front.kinda want the tall rounded up
hoop like on the rock crawler jeeps you see.

thanks for the flowers also guys..


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Last I heard he had traded his Cart for a Jeep and ran off to play in the mud........

Hello John, where are you?


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i upgraded the cart for a 97 jeep tj wrangler a few months ago..i miss it bad but we are all haveing a blast in the jeep rideing with a couple jeep planning on another sometime this year or next tho..ive learned a lot from the first one thanks to this forum tho..and met a lot of nice people also...i still check stuff out here and read the new posts,just dont talk much lol

im still lurking in the pits gathering info that books dont teach ya,john


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Glad to hear you're still hanging around!

You be careful out there jeepin', there may be gators in them there holes, crocs in the cracks or snakes hanging from them cypress!