Real Wheels On Club Car Locked Up and Wouldn't Roll


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I own a 2001 Club Car. Recently went to get it out of the shed and the rear wheels were locked up and wouldn't roll. It was only about 10 degrees out side so we deceided to pull it to the garage with a four wheeler. It slid the back wheels around on the snow until we got to the dry drive way, once we got there the wheels did turn a bit as we drug it into the garage. I turned on my 70,000 btu heater and left it alone for about an hour. When I went out to check it I pushed it from behind and it seemed to roll just fine, but I noticed a puddle of oil under the cart. After looking it over real well it seems that the oil filter was loose and the oil had ran out. This was odd because the filter has never leaked before and was on tight prior to this occurrence. Did the pressure in the motor do this when the wheels turned on the driveway? Could this have done any damage? I topped off the motor with some oil and it started and ran fine, just scared I hurt something! Any ideas?


I doubt if the rear end being locked up had anything to do with the oil filter leaking. Did you drive through a lot of water before parking the cart?