re-powering "87 "88 clubcar


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Have one each "87 &'88 club car gas carts. Both have side valve Kaw motors. One has been re-built.. Thinking bout installing the 13hp item #66555 harbor freight motor in one on an experimental basis, just see what's involved.. Anybody done this have any info to share I would surely appreciate.. This 13 hp model is a CCW motor so I dont have to run it in reverse as it seems some ofher folks must do. It appears it will physically fit with gas tank, muffler, auxilary pull start etc in place, althiough any or all of this could be removed and be plumbed up seperately.. Guess main thing is will stock clutch fit the 1' X 2 7/8" on this 13hp motor? are there any other major problems??? THANKS LAJim..


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I mentioned in another post, ACEGOLFCARTGUY has put this motor in at least two carts. A Yamaha and a CC. If you enter Harbor freight in the Search above you can view his posts about them and possible pick up some hints or tips.


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Hey Jim,
There is also a 16 hp.version but dont go to harbor freight as they want 499. I got mine from for 308.and almost free shipping.
Just finished the install last week had to wait on the clutch for a few pay checks as it was 279 and shipping.This motor will need to be able to idle un like the stock Yamaha.
I stripped the exhaust box,air-cleaner,and governor off and can pop huge wheelies, dounuts,
and can climb any hill I can get traction on. on flat ground the buggie can reach 37mph a little better than before 14mph.
My total investment was 644 bucks with new belt.WAY CHEAPER THAN A V TWIN.AND HONDA .
and all the honda hop up parts fit it it a no brainer...


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Got my 13 hp Greyhound (harbor freight) installed.. No wheelies, but seems to perform really well.. Still dickin around with engine placement,( left right, forward back etc) trying to get maximum performance.. Never really realized the strange gyrations that belt does as the thing changes speeds,(gears).. My big expense was the new clutch and re-machining the driven clutch to accept the 1 3/16" belt. Was able to completely re-mount the key start switch/circuit breaker assm on the dash, build new wiring harness and key start, and idle when stopped.. Mine would be about $400.00 except for the clutch deal.. will talk and share my experience with anyone who wants to do this swap.. LAJim.. 251-421-5329


Glad to hear to engine is working out. Thanks for the follow up...


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Put a set of those little 'ole golf course tires on it, get the belt as tight as possible without it binding at idle, lean up against the steering wheel, then lean back and STAB it!!!! It should either spin 'em or wheelie, or something ain't right!!! Either way SOB ought to be gone... Pretty exciting!