Radio wiring problems


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Alright I just put a jakes spindle lift on my cart and then I decided to put a cd player in it. It sounds great accept for the fact when I have the radio on and hit the gas it losses power momentarily. The seconds later it comes back on. I have it wired directly to the batter. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to fix this problem? Its drawing to much power from the battery when i hit the gas. Thats why its losing power. Is it my battery or is there a better way to wire it? Please help thanks


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have mine wired to 12v lawn mower battery. less weight than full size batt. had to charge it once in 3 week camping trip.


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This is on a gas cart, correct? It should not be a problem if your starter/generator is doing it's job. Get a voltage reading of the battery when the cart is off, and then take a reading while the cart is running. Post the results.


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Checked the battery today it was a new one and everythings working alright or atleast seems to be...the starter/generator seem liek it was putting out good voltage


Glad to hear you got it sorted out...