Radio on 2007 EZGO Golf Cart - Where Should I Mount It


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I have a 2007 ez go and I was wondering what is a good place to mount it. Is the roof a good place with the console or the dash? Where would you mount it? In the roof mount location where do you run the wires down the roof support or somthing else? Do you wire it to a switch or the key? I run the cart at a campground and I have underglow that flashes to the beat of music so what would be the best place?


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Hey Steve,
I have used both of the different consoles that mount on the roof, but they tend to vibrate quite a bit. I run the power, on/off, ground up the top supports and hook the on/of to the key switch.
Lately I have been removing the nose, cutting out above the center cup holders, using a fabricated plate, and installing a rear support.
I had boxes made to mount under the glove box on both sides to handle 4 1/2" round three ways.


Chances are good if you mount the head to the roof the cd player will skip from the roof shaking when you drive on rough terrain.