Radio Install


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I just got a 2004 EZGO PDS electric cart. I am attempting to install a CD player in the dash. I have a fuse block underneath the seat on the drivers side. Is this the best place to get power? And where is the best place to hook the black wire . I would appreciate any help you could give me on this subject. Thanks


The best place to get power would be a separate 12 volt battery for all your accessories. You can use two of the 6 volt batteries also. I assume the black wire is the ground so you want it to run to the battery not the frame. Also make sure the fuse block negative terminals are isolated from any metal.


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Wasn't really wanting to buy another battery and charger. Also don't want to ruin the cart batteries either. The guy I bought it from said it would be no problem to run it off that fuse block. That is why I wanted to check with you guys first. If I did use the fuse block, where would I ground it? And how bad would it throw off the other batteries? Thanks.


Using the fuse block youll need to hook up to 2 of the cart batteries or a separate battery like HRC said. The ground wire would run to negative of a battery. So positive to + and negative to - on the the next battery in the series. Use a volt meter to make sure your getting 12 volts from the 2 batteries you use. How much it will put the batteries out of balance will depend on how much you use the radio and how powerful the radio is. More watts will draw more power from the 2 batteries you hook the radio to. If the only 12 volt accessory you will be using is the radio you can run directly to the batteries without even using the fuse block. Just put a fuse in the hot wire close to the battery you use for positive power.