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Installing a radio in 2006 pds, had problem with radio shutting off when pulling hills. so I installed 12v battery for radio and led's that solved that problem, my question is my ant. is mounted to the roof upright should it be moved to the body or is it alright where its at.


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What make and model is the antenna (or description including mount)?

The "best" option would be a vertically polarized, half-wavelength type antenna (that does not require a "ground plane" mounting) mounted as far away from the motor/controller as you can and as high as you can. Unfortunately most cases putting a 5' to 6' Marine antenna vertical on the roof is not practical. The best compromise depends on the particular cart, height restriction, mounting hardware, cable etc. WARNING: Do not mount on chassis or connect mount to chassis on golf cart.

I use a 4' Shakespeare fiberglass covered Marine antenna mounted on the front fender within 2' of the radio (passenger side glove box).

There are several options available, but each a compromise. If your antenna is mounted on non-metalic roof and the reception is as good or better than you need, there probably is no reason to move it.

For more info and different points of view, I suggest using the search engine on the main forum page, searching "radio" and/or "antenna", selecting "All Forums" search.