Quick question about solenoid


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Hi guys,
I have a quick question about my 36 v '92 club car ds. It is a resistor coil system, not an elec speed controller. The motor in it was going bad so I had to get a new motor to put in. I finaly found one from Mountain Top that works with resistor coils. I put it in, and it is slightly more powerful than the stock motor that was in it. I took it around the block once to test the new motor (and to show off a little lol) and it seemed to handle fine. I took it up and back down a good sized hill in the neighborhood and it went fine. But when I pulled it back in the driveway, something strange happened. Just as I went over the 1 inch little bump between the curb and the end of my driveway, it went dead. So we pushed it back up unto the garage to take a look. I tried forward and reverse, and I could push the pedal, and the speed control arm under the seat would move, but you wouldn't hear the little click of the solenoid, and the cart wouldn't move. Almost like if you try to drive it with it in neutral. I did some tests with my volt meter, and the only thing I could think of was the slightly higher power of the motor caused the 17 year old solenoid to go. Luckily I had a spare solenoid on hand, so I swapped them out. After I get the new(er) one in, I push the pedal, and it doesn't click. Just as I'm ready to say "oh $@&#" I push the pedal again and the solenoid clicks and the cart works fine. I've taken it around my yard for 2 days and it has worked perfectly. I haven't taken it up any big hills yet, because I wanted to get you guy's opinion first. Do you think it was just a fluke with the solenoid? Do you think I need to get a heavy duty solenoid? I don't want you to think I got some monster of a motor on the cart that pulls some extreme amount of power, it a 36 v motor that is supposed to be pretty close to the stock motor, just with a tad bit more muscle. I can find the link for the motor and post if needed. But what do you think caused that? F&R switch? Solenoid? What? I just don't want it to go dead one night at work and have to push it a good distance. Give me your opinions folks! Was it just a fluke or should I check it out more? Safe to take up big hills? Thanks!


I'd look for a bad cable connection somewhere if the cart stopped when you went over a bump. Take it for a short ride, stop and see if any cables or the solenoid is getting hot.


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your solenoid could also be going bad.........next time it stops try tapping the solenoid to see if it activates or try jumping the large post on solenoid...if cart runs replace also as mentioned check cables to make sure they are tight.................................................