Questions on Some Repairs and Performance Upgrades


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I'm new to golf carts, so bare with me!

Here are my questions: 2001 EZGO J401 - questions on some repairs and performance upgrades.
-I appear to need a new alternator, where am I best to go to find the correct part number and where to order online? (have to tap mine with a hammer to get it to start up).
-I'd also like to get an original or copy of the correct owners manual and service manual - any idea where to get one (or find the right part number to find on ebay?)
-What is the best drive belt to get?

To me, the drive belt is very loose - I have snowmobiles, so to me a loose drive belt means your loosing a ton of performance. But belts typically don't stretch, but wear in width. Is the secondary clutch adjustable to get the belt tension correct? If so, how does one adjust on an EZGO golf cart?

Any simple modifications that won't impede on longevity of the motor but give better performance?
-Cold Air Intake?
-These have a governor?

Thanks for any input/help!



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You can download the manuals here EZGO Resources
Governor is in the rear diff and can be adjusted, if the belt is running to the top of the drive clutch and close to the bottom of the driven your good, same as a sled. New belts are a 1-3/16 wide new, some have done many upgrades on those engines it all depends on what one's skill set is.


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Thank you. Belt does not run at the top of the driven/secondary clutch...

Figure we'll start with new belt first and see how it rides in the driven clutch.


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If you have to hit your starter/generator with a hammer to make it start it needs new brushes. And as far as speed upgrades I have put a high speed gear in one of our carts and it runs close to 45 mph with stock engine but lacks toqure and take off