Questions About Late 80's - Early 90's EZGO Electric Golf Cart


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I have opportunity to buy an electric Ezgo. I do not know the model(late 80-early 90s). Fellow says it was a 3-16 volt system that needs to be changed to a 4-12 system. Does this call for major changes? Also what should i look for as far as trouble spots? I know very little about ezgo's and do not want to buy a money pit. Thanks!!!


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I'm not to familiar with EZ-GOs, I have a Club Car. My cart is 48 volt with 6-8volt batteries. New batteries and the right set of wires you should be up and running. As far as trouble spots go, hopefully an EZ-GO person will help you that. It is a holiday weekend. You might have to wait until Sunday night or Monday for a better answer.


I never heard of a 3-16 volt system on any cart. If it's a EZGO in the 80-90 year range it should have six 6 volt batteries and a 36 volt charger. Unless you're getting the cart for next to nothing I'd pass on it.