Questions About a Yamaha Gas Golf Cart


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Me and my wife just bought our first golf cart a 1992 Yamaha gas 4 stroke to cruise at the campground and I have a lot of question about the golf, cart the first is
1. Can you get a windshield and where is the best place to get one?
2. How do you make it go faster it kind of sluggish and it just had a tune up?
3. Can you put a back seat on it and where can I get one ?
4. Heavy duty shocks I will need them where do I get those?
5. Can you run premium gas in a Yamaha golf cart?
6. How fast should it go stock ?
7. Is a 1992 a g2 or a g9 or what is it? :dazed:

Every where I look online for this stuff it says for a 1995 and up so will that stuff still fit or am I looking in the wrong spots? Sorry for all the questions but I would appreciate the help.