Questions about a 2009 ST Sport II Engine Rebuild (Kawasaki FJ400d)


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We had a rod break in a 13hp kawi Fj400d. Didn't break the case. We have installed the rebuild kit but the balancer arm dot and the crank arm dot do not line up. When lined up, the counter weight and the balancer do not pass. They collide. We think we have determined that the crank gear has spun about 6-7 teeth on the crankshaft. We determined this by looking in the kawi rebuild manual and matching the crank and rod position between our two motors and comparing dot positinos. Ours is about 6-7 teeth out.

That being said, we think that replacing the crank is the best strategy. We do not have the press and equipment needed to replace or reset that gear. First, would you guys agree that, for me, replacing the crank is easier?

Second, the crank is a 13031 but the normally have 4 digits after that. Ours is 13031-7114. I'm assuming they are all the same and that the final 4 digits is just the factory run identifier? Is that true or do i need to be looking for a precise 13031-7114?