Question about drive belt


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I have a couple questions,

1. When parked, the drive belt (large belt with teeth) on my cart seems pretty loose. I can manually turn it around on the shaft with my hand... is this normal? The cart operates fine and there aren't any problems under normal driving. I just don't know if this is normal.

2. It appears as if I do not have any type of governor. The damn thing will do about 30 mph... How can I add a governor? Perhaps the old one is just broke? Not sure where to be looking for this.

3. There seems to be many places on the net that sell parts. Are there any places in general that are tried & true? I don't want to get ripped off. I really need a manual and a few tune-up parts.

Thanks guys,



What year and model is the cart? It sounds like some removed the governor completely. The belt should be loose...