Putting All Accessories on One Switch


I'm finishing up the final wiring on my workhorse but I need some help. Is it safe to put all accessories on one single switch? There are going to be 4 small back lights for the gauges that I want to run off the same switch the headlight and tail lights are on. Is it safe to run the gauge lights off the headlight switch or is that going to be to much load on a single switch?

Next question, can I run all 4 gauge lights through one inline fuse? If so, what size?
Thanks! I am still a newb when it comes to wiring but getting better. :bonk:


As long as you're using a decent switch the guage lights will be fine hooked to the headlight switch. You can wire all 3 guage lights to one fuse or you could tap into the power for the head/tail lights.


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A good switch will have a voltage/amp rating on it. The voltage should not be an issue @ 12vdc, but the amps can add up quickly. If the switch is rated for 10 amps and a 10 amp fuse is in the main line without burning up, then the switch will be OK. Remember to size the wiring accordingly.