Pulling out last hair


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I have a 97 EZ Go DCS,Cart goes fine in reverse,but surges and barely moves in forward.Batteries are new,36 volts output from controller in reverse,but 26 volts output in forward and wire to motor gets hot in forward when pressing accelerator pedal,microswitches are ok,solenoid clicks fine forward and reverse all wires and connections appear to be in good condition with no corrosion.Don't want to replace controller and motor yet,kinda pricey.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks


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Hot cables indicate high amperage or bad connections. I would check and clean the connections on the FNR switch and replace the motor cable. Actually if all the cables are originals, I would replace them all. Now would be a good time to upgrade the cables to 4ga from the original 6ga. Cost about $125.