Pros & Cons Buying 1st cart


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Well I have never owned a golf cart. Have driven them though. We are looking for a good used gas cart to use at our campgrounds. Thing is, it is mostly hills with some steep gravel roads. Even a sandy steep hill. We will use it to get around and do some light hauling like garbage, pulling a portable waste tank, and showing guest around.

Don't care that much about speed but need power.

The CG owners said definitely get gas operated one. I want to put a bit of a lift on it and bigger tires to get over the edge of the road and soft ball sized rocks. Later do some cosmetic mods.

Between EZgo, Yamaha and Club Car? I want a 4 cycle with or add lights, Used around a mid 90s to mid 2000.

What should I be looking at?


Welcome to the forum.

Any of the big 3 (EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha) are good carts so it comes down to which one you like the best and what you can get the best deal on.