proper way for top to not move?


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Hello all i have a 1996 Club Car DS gas model and i am having a problem with my windsheild and roof the roof is moving when driving in my campground ! the roof is mounted and bolted down i also have a overhead radio console and that is starting to crack along the side where the roof is mounted and the windsheild does not fit properly any advise out there please help asap please thanks jasmine !!!


Check all the roof supports for cracks and make sure all the bolts are tight. The added weight of the overhead console radio and speakers will make the top shake on a club car.

Why doesnt the windshield fit properly? Is it the right one for the cart? Can you post a picture so we can get a better idea of the problems?


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Hi, I was having the same problem, with gravel roads the bolts would come loose. I used loc-tite on the bolts and tightened has been good all summer. Good luck hope it helps.