Project Bone Collector - EZGO TXT


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Well...... Here is my EZGO TXT - Bone Collector project...

Started it Friday, and finished in Sunday. Having issues uploading pictures, so I will just post what I was able to upload tonight....

Life started as a 2000 E-Z-GO TXT golf cart.

Started with the 6" Red Hawk Lift, and 22X11X12 wheels..

Decided to save a few bucks, and just spray the seat. We will see how it holds up, and replace if necessary....

Decided to start removing the old pin striping while between coats of paint on the seat...

Pin striping removed, and body clean. Decided to paint the roof, and apply several coats while doing the decals...

What would a cart be without an Eight Ball, and some Fuzzy Dice...

Unfortunately, this is where I began having issues uploading pictures. I'm thinking Image Shack has a cap, as to how many pictures you can upload in 24 hours? Regardless, I will attempt to upload the remainer of the pictures tomorrow evening. Till then......


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Thanks Guy's.....The cart is 95% finished....Just having issues uploading my pics. to image shack. Perhaps I'll look at a different hosting site after the kids are in bed. Hopefully get them up for you tonight.

I haven't personally dealt with them, as I purchased the lift kit locally. Seems to to be of decent quality though, and can not foresee any issues.


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You say you're 95% finished???? I've thought I was finished every time I make changes to the cart. Then the ideas keep coming and the 95% can continue for years. Looks like you've got a good start!!!

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So far so good. Got any pictures of the seats after painting? Let me know how the seat paint holds up.


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OK.... I've uploaded pictures to a different hosting site...Lets see if this works...

Here are pics. of my decals mostly installed, and seat installed. Seat looks excellent! Now to play the waiting game to check the durability of the vinyl paint...



Roof painted and re-installed as well as a few extra odd's n' end's.....












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LOL...Ya.... I have seen numerous other goodies I'd love to add on and do, but have priorities in line first. Will be adding head lights this week, and was thinking of adding a couple red LED's in the skulls eye's up front.


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Good looking cart I've used the vinyl spray paint on seats before. It works pretty darn good. Got any plans on upgrading the motor/controller?


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Thanks for the comments guys!

I purchased the decals on E-Bay

As for motor upgrade... Will keep it stock untill it goes POP. Then probably drop a V-Twin Honda, or motorcycle engine in.