Project Black Sand Yamaha Golf Cart / Sand Buggy

just getting into the middle of Project Black Sand and thought i would share some pics. let me know what ya think about my Yamaha golf cart / sand buggy


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Welcome. Lots of nice work done to that cart. :)
Are you building it for any special sandy place?
heading for St. Anthony dunes as soon as its ready. The tires on are 25" dirt devils. just got 27" paddles for the back and 27"razors for the front. cant wait to get to the dunes...! more pics to come, thanks.
Thanks for the welcom guys, I should have some new pictures and video comming soon...! After my first test drive I need some new shorts and a five point harness... oh and maybe a wheelie bar--- nah..!


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No doubt when that is finished it's going to be one hell of a ride. What kind of speed can you get out of that motor and lift combination?
With the stock yamaha secondary clutch i can get up to 50-55 no problem. but im only using about half of the primary clutch. i need a snowmobile secondary clutch...! (much bigger) when i get that done i will let you know how fast it goes...


50-55 and only using half of the primary clutch :eek:
That is one wicked running cart and it looks fantastic to boot.


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Holy Christ..., yeah, that's not messing around. Looks like it will be a blast, just make sure you have a good roll bar.
here are some pics from my first install job. more pics to come as soon as i get the new set up installed...! then im going to the dunes...! (video)