Problems with my 2007 EZGO Gas


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Hello all,
New to the board. I'm located in the Georgia Mountains. I have a 2007 EZGO Gas, 350cc Robbins. I'd guess at it having less that 1800 hours. Its been used an hour a day average. i do climb a few steep hills. I bought it new. I've never beat it. Just slow poking around in the woods. Recently it has been making a clacking sound when warm at start-up. when you hit the gas it goes ... CLACK. only once and when you start it. It also has started "farting", definitely out the exhaust, again once only, and immediately after it quits running. Its lost a ton of power too. I have regularly changed the oil and cleaned the filter screen. Air filter gets Cleaned regularly and has been replaced once. I put a set of NGK plugs in it 6 months ago roughly. I've never replaced the belt or adjusted the valves.

What could be wrong?

Thanks in advance!



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you might have a couple thinks wrong.... the back fire problem sounds like a full throttle..

i will try to explain in words

when you step on gas peddle you trip a micro switch..

press a little more and then press all the way down and see if the speed of the cart changes....

if the throttle cable is stuck in the wide open and you are tripping the mircro switch then is like a car with you turn the key off and back on it will back fire... older cars that is...

i would look at the linkage on the carb jack the cart up and run it with the seat off and seeif the levr on the carb moves as you move the gas peddle....

i hope this will help


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when was the last time the valve clearance was checked? common problem. if the valves are set i would do a compression check to get a better idea of whats goin' on
the clacking maybe the drive clutch engaging, sometimes they get dirt in them and get sticky.


The book calls for .004 That will not last with the s----y intake valves these have in them.

I set them to .006 or even .008 on the intake so you don`t have to keep adjusting them.

I would check that along with the throttle cable.

most carts are never set correctly. The micro switch should activate before throttle plate moves
and you should set the engine to idle (speed and mixture).

Once you have combustion (correct idle set) the cart takes off better with no backfire through the carb.