Problems with LED Lights


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I ran across a problem that only occurs when installing LED lights.
After adding dash lights, tail lights, ground lights and a 12 volt meter for accessory power. All wiring seemed to be correct until the volt meter would not drop down when power was off? The only way I found was to either turn something 12 volt on or disconnect the 5 amp fuse for meter? All this happened when 12 volt power was turned off?
I had added an additional 48 volt solenoid ( tapped into 48 volt switch ) to act as a isolating switch for the 12 volt power, allowing brakes to be in locked position but not have lights on among other things.
This being a 1996 48 volt controler Club Car I added the required Fuse, Diode, and Resistor to be ( Electrically Correct ) to protect the Alltrax controler and life of the solenoid.
That night I saw that the LED lights were on, DIMMLY BUT ON, and must be drawing power off 12 volt battery? I unhooked the battery and in my mind said "YOU DOPE its wired wrong and you will have to go back over all the NEW wiring you have added".
After 2 days of checking I saw something strange on my digital meter? I had .02 amp's--0 volts on fuse panel and to lights and meter? This was with the switch off and solenoid open, I tried another solenoid but it acted the same.
Then Stupid ME I checked the diode thinking it was installed backwards or defective and replaced it but it checked OK? Next I checked the resistor thinking that maybe it was open rather than low draw. My meter showed that this is where my power was coming from, even after adding a new one it was the same.
Being afraid that I would do damage to the new Alltrax controler I called the company and was told that it would be OK to not put a resistor on additioal solenoid ( AS LONG AS I HAD CORRECT DIODE AND RESISTOR ON FACTORY SOLENOID ) AND as long as I kept the diode on add on solenoid. The rep from Alltrax had never heard of this problem before, and I'm sure thought I had done some incorrect wiring?
This solved my problems and made me happy after covering so much new wiring in looms and frame tubes. The LED must draw such a low power that even a small amount will turn them on, even with the diodes that are inside each light?