Problems with driven (secondary) clutch


Has anyone had any problems with their driven clutch coming apart?
My 2001 TXT slipped the keeper off and flew apart, not once, not twice but now this is the third time. Each time it breaks the ramp buttons in the secondary clutch.
I'm really getting tired of replacing 3 tiny pieces of plastic and it costing me 14+ bucks. Does anyone know how to keep the keeper from slipping off. The grooves in the clutch are clean and in good shape. I really dont understand what is causing this. Or does anyone know of a heavy duty driven clutch that anybody offers?


Overworked, underpaid :o) R.I.P.
I would have to say either a worn groove where the snap ring goes and/or a bad snap ring.
Comet may make one for an EZGO, I got one for my Club Car.

Jimmy B.


Well as soon as it warms up a little around here, Im going to see if I have remedied the problem. You know, now that you mention a bad snap ring, I dont remember ever changing the snap ring until this time... Hmm...

I used a hacksaw to clean the groves out, bought a new snap ring and drilled and tapped two set screws in the shaft to keep the snap ring from popping off. Im gonna put it through it's paces and see if anything happens. Last ditch effort, I will weld the cam to the clutch shaft and buy a new one when that one gives up the ghost.
Thanks JB,